Winter Driving Tips in Minnesota

Winter Driving Tips In Minnesota

Driving in Severe weather can be no doubt dangerous and yet frightening in adverse conditions. This year in Minneapolis we were fortunate to have such beautiful weather deep into November, however winter has arrived today in the form of ice and snow.

Below are a few driving tips that you should follow:



  • Accelerate and decelerate slow, until you know you have traction, a lot of accidents happen on acceleration/deceleration lanes, use caution on exits
  • The normal dry pavement following distance of three to four seconds should be increased to eight to ten seconds at minimum (basically leave a car length per 15mph)
  • Know your brakes, and stopping distance, snow, ice and rain will affect that factor… Use common sense
  • You should not stop if you can avoid it,use the shoulder to avoid injury to you and other vehicles.(AAA)(Roadside Assistance)
  • Don’t stop going up a hill!!! Most cars have a “L” Low setting on your transmission, think about using that at low speeds(30mph and under) going up inclines.
  • Stay Home!!! Emergencies happen at bad times, we all understand that but if possible Don’t Drive!!!!!

For more information please check out he AAA website:

Please Use Extra Caution When Dealing With adverse Weather!!!!!